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We Create Reality With Our Thoughts | Bruce Lipton

We Create Reality With Our Thoughts | Bruce Lipton

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☯Welcome to the hidden truth of positive thinking. As most people know, positive thinking is a skill to learn and repeatedly practice on a daily basis. It's easy to say 'think positive' but sometimes it's simply a difficult thing to do. Just like writing this paragraph. That's why it's a skill, and something we must learn and practice on a daily basis. Now is the time - have a go at thinking differently.

The world is changing and has already dramatically changed. Sorry to state the obvious, but we need to wake up! Most people, maybe even you - are not in a great frame of mind. Don't believe everything you see! Are you watching the news? TURN IT OFF! Turn your awareness ON!♡

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☯Your thoughts are very powerful, don't forget!♡

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