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Meditate While You Sleep 》PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION  》Manifest Anything Law of Attraction

Meditate While You Sleep 》PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION 》Manifest Anything Law of Attraction

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 ☯Enjoy this 963Hz Frequency Meditation While You Sleep💤. ♡

The 963Hz frequency is great for repairing the pineal gland, awakening intuition, awakening your crown chakra, raising positive energy,  reducing overthinking, tension headaches, stress-related issues and reaching higher states of consciousness.

Would love some feedback after you've used this during the day or while sleeping & please, share it with other people who want to increase their intuition, wisdom and our sixth sense.

Using the healing power of the 963Hz Solfeggio Frequency for opening the Third Eye and activation of the Pineal Gland, inner awakening , mystical perception and reaching higher states of consciousness by ACTIVATING and REPAIRING the Pineal Gland (Often called “The Third Eye” ).

This solfeggio is combined with relaxing brainwave music designed to take you into meditation and blissful states. Third Eye Activation.♡

☯ 963Hz Solfeggio Frequency is known as the frequency of God. It's also the frequency associated with Crown Chakra. Meditating on this chakra and restoring the positive energy flow in this chakra helps us to reduce overthinking, tension headaches and stress-related issues. We have combined it with Ancient Shamanic Mantra Echoes and Tibetan Healing Bell Sounds.

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☯Your thoughts are very powerful, don't forget!♡

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