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How to Meditate For Beginners | Mindfulness Meditation

How to Meditate For Beginners | Mindfulness Meditation

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How To Meditate For Beginners! In this video, I'm going to simply explain where to meditate, how to meditate, how to stop thinking, how long to meditate for and even how long before you start seeing the benefits. Enjoy!

☯ How to Meditate. Meditation reduces stress and improves your well-being. It’s a great exercise for the brain.

Do you want to change your life for the better and improve your health and wellbeing? Try meditation. Our simple guide for beginners will teach you the basics of meditation.♡

What's included in this video 1:08
How to prepare for meditation (body position) 1:23
How to sit for meditation 2:00
Where do I meditate? 2:34
How long should I meditate for? 3:00
How often should I meditate? 3:38
Can I listen to music while meditating? 4:03
What should I think about when I meditate? 4:23
Can't stop thinking during meditation? 5:22
How to get a habit to stick (meditation practice habit) 6:32
When will you see benefits from meditation? 7:39
Quick recap 8:25
Scientific benefits of meditation 8:53
Give meditation a try! 10:14


▸ Mindfulness Meditation encourages you to closely observe all the thoughts that appear in your mind. Your task isn't to judge them, you just have to acknowledge each and every one of them and be aware of their appearance.

▸ Any kind of meditation is done sitting or lying down. Breathe naturally and focus your attention on your breath and how your body moves each time you inhale and exhale. Thoughts will distract you but it's a skill to learn how to turn them 'off' and be at peace. Focus on your breath. To create a habit, try to meditate the same time each day so that it becomes habitual more easily.

▸ Meditation requires a certain atmosphere and a good amount of time, so make sure that you won't be interrupted or distracted by anything or anyone. Put on loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. You can stretch before you start meditating to prepare your body for it.

▸ All you have to do is focus solely on one thing. Truly focusing your mind on one thing without letting it wander from one point to another takes time and practice.

▸ Meditation brings wonderful inner harmony and a new sense of calm and peace.

▸ Meditation reduces the symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as phobias, social anxiety, and panic attacks, to name a few. Other benefits of meditation that have been confirmed by the scientific community include lower blood pressure and blood cortisol levels as well as improved blood circulation, among others.

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☯Your thoughts are very powerful, don't forget!♡

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