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How To Meditate; Beginners Guide For Mindful Meditation.

How To Meditate; Beginners Guide For Mindful Meditation.

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How To Meditate; Beginners Guide For Mindful Meditation.

Amidst the day full of chaotic rigmarole, it’s often our body that takes the brunt of the never-ending race we all are participants in. Do you think we are taking a toll on our mental health and wellbeing in the wake of the city that never sleeps? I think so!

Pause whatever you’re doing for a minute, sit back, take a deep breath, and RELAX! Let’s resort to the age-old elixir for a healthier body that trains your subconscious mind to be happy. 

Back in ancient times, Mediation has been used to resolve conflicts and disputes among countries. Settlement of conflicts through mediation has evidence from Buddhist history.

Even today, meditation is settling the disputes of thoughts in our minds by keeping the distraction away. It changes the Grey matter volume and transforms into reducing ‘me’ activities in the brain. Meditation enhances the connectivity between brain regions. 

Our mind is continually seeking a way or another to fulfill our desires; here, mediation comes on the plate as a tool to make our mind more potent and efficient.

What does it do for our brain?
Is meditation worth the hype?

Our brain plays an active role in every thought, taste, and sensation our body experiences. Be it the sweetness of sugar or bitterness of any event; nothing is surprising in the fact that our mind controls even our desires.

Every time we tremble, blink, dream, cry, laugh, listen to that tick-tock of the wall clock, our last yawn, our passion and that orgasm; all happened because our mind allowed us to do so. 

With so many chatters going in our minds, it becomes immensely important to meditate to directly utilize the energy in a mindful direction while nourishing our minds. 

Mediation is like making the flowers blossom from the dead carcass. You’ll be nowhere wrong in saying that while meditating, we are nurturing the mind, improving the brain functionality by providing the umbrella solution to every cause that affects the paradigm of wellness.

Meditation is the key.

When nothing else worked, meditation came to the rescue. Admit it! Our mind needs to be nourished, just like our skin does. A balanced food plan can boost your body’s health; the same way, balanced thought exercises can incredibly boost the health of your brain.

But a question is underlying here, as to 'How meditation is done?'

You can do meditation at home, on the balcony, in the garden surrounded by nature’s arms, or even while you’re going to sleep. Want to know how? 

Let’s train our brains to lead a happy and healthy life full of care.

Experts believe that mediation should last for a duration of five to ten minutes. But it is crucial to set the alarm before starting to keep all your focus on your thought process instead of meandering in some deep valley of mind asking yourself, ‘has it been ten minutes yet?’ or ‘shall I start now’? 

 How to meditate properly?

Before beginning with mediation, you need to decide on your point of concentration. It can be anything that appeals to you and can keep your stick to your meditation practice; your point of focus can be in the form of anything, ‘love,’ ‘joy’ or ‘wisdom.’

  • The first and foremost step in mindfulness meditation is to sit properly in the open ambiance. Sitting in the arms of nature will take you close to a state of relaxation and composure. You can also enhance your experience by investing a little in a lovely yoga mat or cushion.
  • Once you’re sitting comfortably amidst nature, hearing the birds chirping in the background, close your eyes to initiate mindfulness meditation.
  • Now, as you’ve closed your eyes and have sent yourself into the state of calm, breathe naturally; make no effort to control your breathing.

Meditation is a key to take you and your mind away from the thoughts driving depression and anxiety and the stressbuster, antidepressant medicine.

  • Now, take all your focus and attention on the breath and how your body reacts to each inhalation and exhalation. 
  • Peep inside your body and notice every movement of yours as you breathe.
  • Take your attention on your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and then to your belly. Always remember to keep your pace and intensity in control; otherwise, you will end up losing attention, and your mind will start wandering in a completely different world.
  • Breathe for three to seven rounds and observe your breathing getting connected to your soul. By doing so, you’ll notice a natural rhythm of your breath and its movement in your torso.
  • Keep practicing the same for the next three to four times to keep your attention on your body intact. When we concentrate on something, our mind directs itself towards an object; it can be anything- our breath is what we can consider. We establish a relationship of acquaintance with this object and thus establish a contact. By making constant communication, we turn the concentration into the mediation realm.

Tip: You can also use a peaceful and pleasant sound in the background as an option

There is a widespread perception that internal remedies are somehow inherently better than synthetically made medicines. And, in lots of cases, that's the truth.

At the behest of powerful lobbies of medicines showing instant results, we have kept meditation off the menu in our mental care regimen, despite their well-known benefits as an easy and rich source of nutrition. 

Covid-19 Pandemic has put the world’s activities on a standstill. The beginning brought us to witness the quarantine safari of wildlife on the manmade roads, keeping the human locked in rooms. 

In the wake of this deadly disease, meditation came in to help humans end the by-products of the pandemic that lockdown put forth- mental health crisis. Pandemic made us compromise with our mental health, but meditation came in as a savior.

People in Australia are practicing meditation until we get any vaccine to covid-19.

How to know if your meditation is working for you?

Not sure if mediation is working for you, or is it a scam? Then give it some time; there’s nothing like overnight magic. Antidepressant medicines can help you for a short period for sure, but most of them are a gimmick. In the beginning, you may feel like giving up due to the uneasiness. No lie, you will also witness pain in your legs- sitting for 20 minutes in the same posture is not easy. But once you get used to it, you’ll start enjoying meditating in that posture of concentration as you’re sitting there to eliminate the frustration caused. 

Here we have provided you the step-by-step details of the mantra for Mental Wellness. Meditation can do wonders to your lifestyle if practiced daily; Happy Meditation.



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